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The North Sea Swim Meet 2017 (Nov. 3rd - Nov. 5th)

Welcome to the 44th edition of the North Sea Swim Meet. For the first time in in the capital of the southern region of Norway, Kristiansand.

The first «North Sea Swim Meet», was arranged in 1973 as a result of the cooperation between Rogaland Swimming District (RSK) and Phillips Petroleum Co Norway with support from the Norwegian Swimming Federation (NSF). It gave swimming in Rogaland, as well as in Norway as a whole, a real boost.

The North Sea Swim Meet has been arranged every year since the start in 1973 and has through these amazing years achieved the status of being one of the national swimming highlights.

The Rogaland Swimming District has together with the local community brought the North Sea Swim Meet up to the excellent standard that swimmers have learned to expect. As a result, the meet has achieved great popularity and status with both Norwegian and international swimmers. A great number of Norwegian, Nordic and international records have been set at the North Sea Swim Meet through the years, among them a world record and several IPC world records.

Among top international swimmers who have competed in Stavanger in the last few years we can mention, Jeanette Ottesen, Ida Lindsborg, Philip Heintz, Rikke Møller Pedersen, Pernille Blume, Julie Aglund Lauridsen, Sarah Louise Rung, Elena Krawzow, Pál Joensen, Ari-Pekka Liukkonen, Lukas Räuftlin, Christoph Meier, Marco Loughran, Sebastian Iwanov and of course several others from the Norwegian Swim Team.

We are looking forward to see you at The North Sea Swim Meet also this year, and hope you will enjoy your stay with us. 

Event details:

  • Invitation +

    With the approval of the Norwegian Swimming Federation, Rogaland Swimming Union hereby invites to the 44th edition of The North Sea Swim Meet in Kristiansand, November 3rd - November 5th 2017.

    The pool has 10 lanes (8 lanes in finals). It will be a short course (25m) competetion and “tune up” for the upcoming European Championship in Copenhagen in December. Water temperature is 26°C/78,8°F.

    Direct finals and Super finals
    The meet will have direct finals. And participation is limited by qualifying times. Super finals in all individual and relay events except 800m freestyle for women, 1500 freestyle for men and 400IM both genders. Direct-finals in those 3 events will take place as part of the super finale program. A final for each event irrespective of age group, B finals for 50m and 100m events.

    Qualifying times
    A swimmer qualified in one event will be given the opportunity to compete in other events if there are available slots, in relation to the heat limitations.

    Heat limitation
    The meet organizer reserves the right to change the start time for the direct finals and apply heat limitations if necessary to ensure good conditions for the swimmers. Meet organizers are planning three heats in the 100m and 200m events. 2 heats for the 400m, 800m (women) - and 1500m (men) events. It may be set aside from the plan if registration for single events are divergent.

    Handicapped swimmers
    Super finals in the 50m events, one heat in each event irrespective of class. If heat limitations do not apply, HC swimmers may swim in age class heats for none HC events. Swimmers will be ranked according to the Australian model for multi disability meets based on relative proximity to the world record in the respective classes. This procedure applies to selection for participation and for awards. The long course world records official at January 1st 2017 will be used as basis for the selection.

  • Awards +

    King Harald Haarfagre Challenge trophy, 4X100 freestyle Super Finals. Inspired by King Harald Haarfagre, Rogaland Swimming District would like to acknowledge the fastest female and male team at North Sea Swim Meet. The trophy is meant to inspire and focus on common goals, development and growth in their own team and clubs.

    Direct finals: Medals for 1st – 3rd place, individuals.
    Super Finals and direct finals in 800m freestyle women, 1500 freestyle men and 400IM:
    1st. place is awarded € 200,
    2nd. place is awarded € 100
    3rd. place is awarded € 50.
    Gift awards for 4th to 8th place.

    Relay teams: Medals for 1st – 3rd place. Gift awards for 4th – 8th place.
    In case of a tie in any race, the prize money will be shared (e.g. if there are two 1st places, then no 2nd place prize money will be awarded. The total of € 300 will be equally shared between the two (2) winners.

    Best female and best male swimmer after FINA 2016-point table will be awarded € 2000, - and a Oris watch with a value of €1700. The second-best score is used in case of a tie. Swimmers under the age of 15 are not eligible.
    Awards Handicap classes
    Direct finals: Medals for 1st – 3rd place, individuals.

    Super Finals:
    1st. place is awarded € 100
    2nd. place is awarded € 75
    3rd. place is awarded € 50
    Gift awards for 4th to 6th place.

    Handicap classes best performances in direct or super finals irrespective of gender will be rewarded € 600.
    At least 5 participants must participate in the competition for the prize money for the best swimmer shall be paid. The second- best score is used in case of a tie. Swimmers under the age of 15 are not eligible.

    It will be competed in 4 different classes both genders.
    Women born 2004, 2003 - 2002, 2001 – 2000(jr) and Seniors
    Men born 2004 - 2003, 2002 - 2001, 2000 – 1999(jr) and Seniors

    Trials will start with the 2 oldest classes and the relays, followed by the 2 youngest classes. That is, all the events in the junior and senior classes will be done first, to ensure good conditions in to the Super Finals.
  • Entries: +

    Entries must be received by 24:00 hrs. October 17th 2017.

    Qualification period: October 18th 2016 - October 17th 2017.

    E-Mail entries are encouraged. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Mail entries to: John Erlend Christiansen, Varderingen 8, 2054 Mogreina, NORWAY

    All entries will be confirmed at receipt.

    Withdrawals must be entered into before and no later than one hour prior to the session start. Password will be provided at the meet office on arrival. Non-Norwegian teams may submit withdrawals directly to the time manager/officials.

    Anyone who retires from the super finals must be received no later than 30 minutes after endings of prelims.

    Start lists
    Start lists will be published at In addition you will find continually updated information as well as the results from the North Sea Swim Meet 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and meet records.
  • Entry fee: +

    NOK 100, - each event starts and NOK 200, - per relay payable to:
    Domestic payments to bank account: 3201.28.82059
    International payments to bank account: IBAN NO51 3201 2882 059, SWIFT SPRONO22 (Bank address to be sent on request)

    Payment details will be sent by email as soon as starting list is verified.
    Late entries and double entry fee will be accepted if heat limitations do not apply.
  • Accreditation for pool access and warm up +

    All swimmers and coaches must have wristband for access control. One representative of each team must pick up all the teams wristband at the meet office and sign upon receipt. There will be a fee of Kr. 100, - for each wristband that isn’t returned. No one will be able to access pool deck and changing area without. Accreditation form will be available at and must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. no later than one week before the competition.
  • Information / registration: +

    Meet Director: Thore K. Gudbrandsen: +47 936 59 082
    email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Meet Office:
    Scandic Hotel Bystranda, opens Thursday November 2nd at 5 PM (17:00).

    Meet information:
    Friday November 3rd: English: 08:30, Norwegian: 08:45. Place TBA.

    Call Room:
    All athletes must meet in call room minimum 10 minutes prior to scheduled race time for registration and check. Further information will be given at the info meet.
  • Inqueries: +

    Thore K. Gudbrandsen
    Phone +47 936 59 082
    Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Warm up periods: +

    To be announced
  • Hotels: +

    We recommend the following hotel which is centrally placed downtown.

    Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda
    Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda is Southern Norway's largest hotel with an idyllic view of the beautiful archipelago. At Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda you get the best of both worlds. The hotel is centrally located on Bystranda and is just a few blocks from the main street in the center of Kristiansand. The hotel is an integral part of Aquarama, so you can go directly from your room to the pool. Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda is a modern facility that has something for everyone - the business guests as well as families with children. With 229 flexible rooms, 814 beds and separate conference area for up to 400 people, the hotel is perfect for business, course - and conference - or vacation travelers. All our rooms are equipped with free wireless internet access and safe.Prices includes breakfast and VAT.
    Single room: Kr. 890, - person. Double room: Kr. 545, - p. person
    Triple room: Kr. 435, - person Quadruple room: Kr. 373, - pr. Person
    Booking code: BNOS021117

    Clarion Hotel®
    Ernst is a modern hotel with a long tradition, in the middle of Kristiansand. Classic interiors when Ernst was the city's first hotel meets today modern contemporary artand a vibrant cultural life. Clarion Hotel Ernst is again the city's meeting place. Prices includes breakfast and VAT.
    Single room: Kr. 1000, - pr. person Double rooms: Kr. 600, - pr. Person
    Phone: +47 38 12 86 01 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Booking code: GR002552

    Comfort Hotel®
    Kristiansand is a smart and different hotel, with super central location right inKristiansand, just 200 meters from the station. It offers nice rooms, unbeatable location, gymopen around the clock and modern conference facilities.Prices includes breakfast and VAT.
    Single room: Kr. 1000, - pr. person Double rooms: Kr. 600, - pr. Person
    Phone: +47 38 07 94 00 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
    Booking code: 1068GR002256
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